• Phant𝖔m Wallet - Br𝖔wser Extensi𝖔n

    How to sign-in to  Phantom Wallet ?

    1. Open Phantom Wallet mobile application
    2. Else, launch the Phantom browser extension
    3. In the password field, type the password details
    4. Or you can also use the private key details to recover the account
    5. Get to the ‘Sign in’ button and click it to access the wallet
    6. Finally, you have accessed your Phantom Wallet sign in account
    7. On your iPhone, launch the App Store
    8. Now, head to the ‘Search Box’ and tap on it
    9. Type ‘Phantom’ in it and tap on the search icon
    10. Now, find and tap on the ‘Get’ button next to the Phantom app icon
    11. After that, the app will be downloaded on your iPhone
    12. Finally, you can start using the Phantom account on your device
    13. Open a browser or launch the App or Play Store
    14. Now, discover the Phantom app or extension
    15. Click on the ‘Download’ to start the process
    16. Now, the Phantom Wallet will be downloaded to your device
    17. Open Edge on your Windows computer
    18. Now, you need to visit the Phantom.com webpage
    19. From here, go to the extension page and find the extension file
    20. Now, click on the ‘Edge’ icon to start the downloading process

      What is the Phantom Wallet?

      Phantom is one of the most popular Solana crypto wallets. It is the go-to tool to store, buy, send, and receive SPL tokens (SPL vs ERC20 tokens). Hence, it is also a tool to use to authenticate Solana users. Like MetaMask, Phantom is also available as a mobile application and a browser extension. That way, users can choose their preferred option. However, as far as developers go, using the browser extension option tends to be the right choice. Currently, Phantom supports Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge:

      Furthermore, these are the key aspects of Phantom:

      • Non-Custodial – Phantom ensures that the team behind it never has access to any of your data or funds.
      • Ledger Support – For additional security, Phantom enables you to connect your hardware (cold) wallet.
      • Privacy – Phantom ensures that it doesn’t track any personally identifiable information, users’ account addresses, or asset balances.
      • Biometric Authentication – With Phantom, you get to protect your assets on the go with the convenience of using your biometrics.

      If you are interested in rolling up your sleeves and following our lead to take on the upcoming example project, make sure to download your Phantom wallet now. Just visit the official Phantom website (phantom.app) and follow the on-site instructions.

      Authenticate Solana Users with the Phantom Wallet – Moralis and Next.js Example Project

      We are happy to have you join us as we take on our example project. To get the most out of the following sections, we encourage you first to read the content and then go through it again, only this time to take action yourself. We will use Phantom, Moralis, and Visual Studio Code (VSC) as tools. As such, we recommend getting these tools ready before moving forward.